At the United Nations

Forum 21 participates widely across the United Nations non-governmental agency (NGO) community, in the capacities of various of its staff and advisers being credentialed at the United Nations either through the UN Department of Public Information (DPI) or the UN Economics and Social Council (ECOSOC). These staff and advisers also then serve on various UN Committees. Currently Ken Kitatani and Kurt Johnson participate in the UN NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns ( and Dr. Johnson is on it’s Executive Committee. Dr. Johnson also serves on the UN Committee for International Yoga Day. Dr. Rick Clugston regularly participates and contributes towards the Post 2015 SDC process.

In these capacities Forum 21 is able to regularly participate in ongoing United Nations initiatives like Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals and The Global Movement for a Culture of Peace ( and Forum 21 does so by not only participating directly in these deliberations and processes in the UN in New York City but also by regularly sponsoring off-site discussions, forums, and dialogues in and around New York City (see Forum 21 Past Events). Further, Forum 21 partners with other major NGO participants (like the Interspiritual Network, the Center for Earth Ethics, The Evolution Institute, The Prosocial Network, The National Ethical Service and many others noted herein) in creating national and international programs. These programs include the From Self Care to Earth Care events which are now in their third year ( and the cooperative work on the emerging evolutionary altruism paradigm ( . These programs emphasize the breadth of the emerging holistic global vision that joins interfaith, interspiritual, eco-spiritual, eco-ministry and integral vision with the diverse goals of a sustainable and peaceful world that works for all.

The time has come for people of the world from different backgrounds and beliefs, through open-minded discussion, study and research, to discover the reality of common, universal principles and willingly agree to implement such integrated principles for humankind to live by.