Events We Sponsor

Events We Sponsor


Forum 21 annually partners with The Interspiritual Network ( in producing the”Self Care to Earth Care” events:  Cities that have hosted events since 2014 include Denver, Boulder, Aspen, Carbondale and Crestone, Colorado.  Ken Wilber’s video from 2015’s Denver event has been seen by over 35,000 viewers worldwide:

The programs involve major international voices on the questions of spirituality and global transformation based on universal vision, values and ethics.  The ultimate aim of these programs is development of a comprehensive education program on a future world that works for all.  The “Interspirituality and Ecospirituality” website– Self Care to Earth Care– is permanently maintained in support of these programs.

Past presenters have included Ken Wilber, David Sloan Wilson, Mirabai Starr, Kurt Johnson, Rick Clugston, Ken Kitatani, Ruel Walker, Elizabeth McLeod, Maikwe Ludwig, Greg Reitman, Woody Vaspra, Jonathan Ellerby, among others.  The Self Care to Earth Care website is the ongoing presence of these annual programs.

Forum 21 regularly teams with other members of the New York City and United Nations NGO community in creating major events in the New York region.  Since 2014 these have included regular discussions of the major international priority agenda of the United Nations community at New York’s Sukyo Mahikari building, The Spiritual Summit for Social Change (which brought multiple transformational communities together for strategic co-planning), Peace: The Overview Effect (a program for the International Day of Peace) and, most recently, Evolution, Consciousness and Altruism, a major filmed event on the emerging evolutionary altruism paradigm hosted by New York City’s Society for Ethical Culture (April 2016).

Forum 21 also regularly host panels and discussion groups across the United Nations NGO community as part of its participation in major United Nations committees like the Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns.

Forum 21 expects that its national, international  and UN community programs and hosting will both continue and expand.

The time has come for people of the world from different backgrounds and beliefs, through open-minded discussion, study and research, to discover the reality of common, universal principles and willingly agree to implement such integrated principles for humankind to live by.