Past Events

Side-Events on Ecospirituality and Sustainability at the Parliament of the World's Religions
(Salt Lake City, October 2015).

Partnering with preparation for December’s World Climate Conference in Paris.  Forum 21, with the Interspiritual Network and other partners hosted nightly side-event discussions on preparation and synergy of the world’s religious communities looking toward strategic participation in the World Climate Conference.  The groups created a large display area in the major foyer of the Parliament hosting posting boards for messages and commitments to the delegates and working groups of the World Climate Conference.  Side event meetings and the major Parliament foyer action board are shown in the photos below.

The Spiritual Summit for Social Change

Sept. 13th, 2014   Forum 21 Co-sponsors “The Spiritual Summit for Social Change”, Saturday, September 13, 2014 – 2nd Presbyterian Church and adjoining Alexander Robertson School, NY, NY, 6 West 96th– Central Park West between 95th and 96th. One day- Twenty concurrent sessions of New York City transformational organizations strategizing for their 2014-2015 projects, events and plans. 

Ethics and Spiritual Values, and Sustainable Development Workshop

August 31, 2014 Forum 21 Co-sponsors the panel Augus “Ethics and Spiritual Values, and Sustainable Development Workshop organized by the Spirituality and Ethics Initiative for Sustainable Development” a discussion on the United Nations campus as part of the United Nations annual meeting of NGO’s. Spokepersons Ken Kitatani, Kurt Johnson, Rick Clugston, and Doug King.

Making the Leap-- Sacred Earth and Global Shift

June 10 &12, 2014.  “Making the Leap– Sacred Earth and Global Shift”.  Forum 21 and The Interspiritual Network:  Starhouse, Boulder, and DaviNikent Center for Human Flourishing, Carbondale, Colorado.  Ken Kitatani, Kurt Johnson, Rick Clugston, Karuna, and Rory McEntee, with Colin Bigelow (from Integral Life, Denver).

The International Happiness Conference

May 29-30, 2014.  Forum 21 and The Interspiritual Network:  THE NATIONAL HAPPINESS INITIATIVE CONFERENCE at the UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT ( and  Spiritual Practice Seminars.  Leaders and teachers from seven spiritual traditions shared spiritual practice tips for happiness and success in a series of special seminars on May 30 organized by Forum 21.

December 2015 Paris Global Climate Summer in Paris.

Ken Kitatani, Rick Clugston, and Kurt Johnson of Forum 21 co-hosted, with numerous fellow travelers, side-meetings each night at the October 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions to discuss the direction of cooperation across constituencies for Eco-spiritual and Eco-ministry work, and the direction of the Interfaith community for the December 2015 Paris Global Climate Summer in Paris.

The time has come for people of the world from different backgrounds and beliefs, through open-minded discussion, study and research, to discover the reality of common, universal principles and willingly agree to implement such integrated principles for humankind to live by.