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Welcome.  On this page Forum21 will regularly post articles, links and media we feel are important to understanding important issues, initiatives and challenges worldwide.


Because it represents a world-centric, multi-traditional understanding of the world’s spiritual and religious traditions, The Interspiritual Network is a frequent partner of Forum 21 in creating initiatives and events.  Both are also widely affiliated in the NGO community at the United Nations.

The Interspiritual Network was mandated in 2013 at the “Dawn of Interspirituality Conference” ( to bring together the diverse organizations, networks and associations that had previously been working individually to advance the “Interspiritual Paradigm”.

Interspirituality was first named by Brother Wayne Teasdale’s now classic book The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World’s Religions and later especially expanded in Kurt Johnson’s 2013 book The Coming Interspiritual Age (

It had clear precursors in the “Mystical Communion” of world religions visioned by Thomas Merton, the “Intra-religious” writings of Raymond Panikkar, and the “Deep Ecumenism” of Matthew Fox.  Bro. Teasdale particularly drew elements of his universal spirituality from his mentors Fr. Bede Griffiths (Dayananda) and Fr. Thomas Keating.

The PROGRAMS Icon at provides links to all these global elements of the Interspiritual Network.  Many of the entities there began work soon after Br. Wayne Teasdale and colleagues formed the original interspiritual association in 2002 ( and co-workers with Br. Teasdale’s mentor Fr. Thomas Keating formed Spiritual Paths Foundation (  There followed numerous other associations now all generally joined in co-working through the Interspiritual Network.

You can read more about the basic vision and core universal principles of Interspirituality In “The Interspiritual Declaration” here, and its listed sources:

Since 2014 Forum 21 has joined with The Interspiritual Network in sponsoring events like “The Spiritual Summit for Social Change” in New York City (September 2014) and the summer of Interspirituality and Sustainability events throughout Colorado in both 2014 and 2015 (see for example:;;

Forum 21 and the Interspiritual Network also cooperate in numerous UN NGO related co-worked events, including participation in the forthcoming book Spiritual Values, Ethics and the New UN Development Agenda (2016).

Internationally, The Interspiritual Network and Forum 21 coordinate regularly with the Integral Community of Ken Wilber, the Snowmass Interspiritual Dialogue program of Fr. Thomas Keating, the Evolutionary Consciousness Initiatives of Barbara Marx Hubbard, Karenna Gore’s Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary and the Evolution Institute’s Prosocial Networks dedicated to the Altruism vision in the work of evolutionary biologist Dr. David Sloan Wilson (see for instance,

The time has come for people of the world from different backgrounds and beliefs, through open-minded discussion, study and research, to discover the reality of common, universal principles and willingly agree to implement such integrated principles for humankind to live by.