Crestone Leadership Conference


The 2018 Crestone Leadership Conference followed on two years of Forum 21 Institute and partners’ sponsoring of two conferences on “Spirituality and Sustainability” in Rome-Assisi and joining with Unity-Earth and others for The Crestone Convergence program held in Crestone, Colorado, in 2017. Joining to lead this second Crestone Conference were Mindahi Bastida and Ken Kitatani of the Sacred Sites Program and Kurt Johnson of Unity-Earth. These activities highlight several years of Sacred Site ceremonial activities around the world, joining practitioners in healing work for Mother Gaia. These have been sponsored in Japan, Australia, Ethiopia, Italy, and for 2018 at the “Four Corners” near Crestone.

The 2018 Crestone Leadership Conference was an intimate gathering of stakeholders furthering the visioning and support of this work and like 2017 proved to be a rich and fruitful two days of sharing, deepening into relationship, exploring the richness of the environment, and drawing inspiration from the great work that is being done, as well as from the work that is unfolding.

A highlight of the conference was also a journey to, and ceremonial blessing of, the founding vision of a Crestone center for Indigenous peoples long envisioned by Hanne Strong, a founder and facilitator of much of the Baca Region’s diverse interfaith activity for many years. Crestone’s diverse interfaith community of retreat houses and pioneering cultural and artistic communities has been a well known globally for decades.