Ken Kitatani
Executive Director

Ken Kitatani currently serves as the Executive Director of the Forum 21 Institute. He is the Chief Administration Officer of their UN NGO (with special consultative status with UN ECOSOC). He also Co-chairs the Advisory Board of the Center for Earth Ethics of Union Theological Seminary and is on the Executive Board of the United Nations Committee for Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns and the Committee for Religious NGOs. Ken graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in East Asian Studies.


Jim MacLellan
Deputy Director

Jim MacLellan is currently Director of Trade Development for the Port of Los Angeles. He is responsible for trade promotion programs including Trade Connect education seminars to assist local businesses entering global markets. Trade Connect was awarded the Presidential E Star Award in 2013 for service to the nation’s exports. Prior to joining the Port in 1992, he worked for more than 20 years in the international shipping business. As Adjunct Professor, from 2008 to 2015, he taught international trade and shipping at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (formerly Monterey Institute Graduate School of Business Studies). He currently serves as Chair of the Pacific Chapter of the US – Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Los Angeles Regional Export Council (MEI) and Board Member of California Manufacturing & Technology Consulting (NIST – MEP).


Dr. Kurt Johnson
Director of Life Sciences and Spirituality

Kurt Johnson has worked in professional science and comparative religion for over 40 years and serves on many international committees, particularly at the United Nations. He is on the faculty of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and is the co-author of the very influential 2013 book on the future of world religions: The Coming Interspiritual Age.  In science, with a PhD in Evolution, Ecology and Comparative Biology he was on the staff of the American Museum of Natural History and is currently associated with the McGuire Center for Biodiversity at the University of Florida. He is a member of The Evolutionary Leaders and has published over 200 scientific articles and seven books. He is founding member of the Contemplative Alliance and President of the Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. At the United Nations he serves on the Executive Committee of the UN NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns.