Kazunao Sato
Director of Sustainability and Global Affairs

Kazunao Sato is the Japan Representative of CSEO Space Alliance International, and a stakeholder member of the SDGs platform development of the Japanese government. He is also a member of Corporate Risk Management Committee of the International Aeronautics Federation and is on the Jury of the Challenge Leadership Group,Sustainable Urban Communities of Massachusetts Institute of Technology SOLVE.Kazunao continues to serve as the Senior Strategic Director of Business and Sustainability at several major professional firms. For over 18 years Kazunao has served as Director, CFO and COO for several competitive global industries, finance securities and service industries in APAC, the Indian Sub-Continent and Japan. His experiences include, Intelligence and strategy consulting, M&A, JV incubation projects, PE analysis for investment, IPO, financial management, PMO across multiple countries and disciplines, debt management and fund raising to develop corporate business exposure and opportunities and operations-performance improvement and transformation. Kazunao has served as a United Nations Global Compact Leader for leading social sustainability and strategy projects that include CSV, social innovation, human rights DD, inclusive business, social impact fund/bonds, ESG, and strategic relationship development between the private sector, international organizations, UN agencies and NGO’s.