Parliament of the World's Religions, Major Speaker Session "Integral Ecology and Justice" 


“Justice is a complex term, an inherently intersectional project. It requires nuanced thought and a multiplicity of perspectives if we are to act effectively and ethically against unjust structures.” Forum 21 joined a panel of esteemed thought leaders to address this topic. The other panelists were: Father Joshtrom Kureethadam (Vatican representative), Vandana Shiva, and Mary Evelyn Tucker. The session was dialogical and engaging—focusing on constructive conversation between panelists and the audience. Key points that were discussed:

• How is integral ecology related to justice? 

• What do environmental problems have to do with social injustices and vice versa?

• What does integral ecology mean to you and what are its implications for action?

• What resources/insights does your religious tradition have for promoting integral justice?

• If we are to address one complex crisis (both social and environmental), where should we begin? 

All of the panelists specialize in the subject of “ethics and environment” “religion and ecology” and wove into their discussions the intersectionality between ethics, environment and justice, that is eco-justice. Each of the speakers spoke from their own religious-spiritual and cultural backgrounds. Ken Kitatani’s talk focused on the indigeneity of ancient cultures and the work of indigenous peoples living at the front lines of the world’s most biodiverse territories and the need for all stakeholders to make further efforts to support these marginalized groups that hold the key to mitigating climate change.