The Convergence Magazine

Issue 1 – October 2017  


Published on Oct 26, 2017  

In this inaugural issue, we feature a roundtable discussion on “Altruism.” Current evolution studies have shown that at the level of groups, the “natural selection” process of evolution selects the best cooperators, not the best competitors (the Prosocial Movement). This message is held in common with the “Interspiritual Movement” among world religions today. This convergence of science and spirituality is featured in contributions by thought leaders on evolution, altruism, and their connection to a convergence and new cooperative era among sacred and secular activists. The Convergence Magazine is dedicated to the realization of spiritual unity throughout the world. As the problems facing humanity become global in complexity and scope, it is imperative that we rise to the challenge and take on the responsibility of tackling our problems head on: united as ONE human family sharing the same goals for the continued progress and prosperity of humanity.