What we do:

1. Promote ethical understandings of the meaning of life by recognizing the sacredness of Earth, the life community, and special sites.

2. Educate in ethical practices and sustainable lifestyles: build sustainable communities within our neighborhoods and towns.

3. Advocate for social and economic policies that support such ethical understandings and practices, especially in the context of the United Nations and its Agenda 2030 -“Transforming our World, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” adopted in September 2015. Priorities include: new measures of well being to replace GDP; new trusteeship  structures to care for the whole community of life and future generations; protecting and nourishing sacred sites; education for ethical and sustainable development.

Our Mission

To promote a conscious world for all by bringing people together from diverse beliefs and backgrounds, including science, religion, education, and politics, to share their wisdom, discover common goals and co-create solutions for the many challenges society faces.  

Our Vision

To realize a harmonious, peaceful and environmentally sustainable world based on ethical values. 

Our vision elaborates on what we like to call a "U-turn" in the consciousness of humankind across the myriad elements of society whether that be politics, economics, science, education, agriculture, and other disciplines.  

The Forum 21 Institute is a "Forum of the 21st Century" where leaders of science, spirituality (values and ethics) and other fields can gather and share their expertise and wisdom to help facilitate this U-turn and paradigm shift.